Network Design, Architecture, and Engineering

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LAN/WAN Design

Whether your business exists in a single location or across multiple locations our team of network architects & engineers can design and implement the right system for your needs.

WIFI Network

Adapters, access points, controllers, routers, antennas, meshing, point-to-point, radio signals, amplitude, alteration, and polarization. If any of these terms seem confusing to you and you need a wireless (WiFi) network, then Centuric’s got you covered!

Logistics-Based Networks

As a Zebra Solution Partner we are a leader in creating unique mobility solutions for healthcare, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and retail industries. Leverage our experience to challenge the way you develop your products, streamline your processes, and improve visibility into your operations so you can optimize your business performance.


Todays networks are no longer about just about data. With the right network, bringing in high quality audio/video solutions is easier than ever. Digital Signage solutions allow you to get your message out whether through your office, campus, or dispersed retail locations.

Telecomm – HSIA

In today’s ever-changing computing environment the one constant is the need for high speed internet access (HSIA). Whatever your current computing and/or network requirements are the user experience will be impacted greatly by the type of internet connection you have. Centuric works with only the top tier telecommunications providers to make sure you have the best bandwidth option for your business.

Equipment Procurement

Centuric knows infrastructure and we know the right equipment required to make sure that infrastructure operates optimally.

Software Defined Datacenter

Want to make the most of the Cloud? A Software Defined Data will give you the performance and security needed to make your dreams come true.

Low Voltage

At some point all data will run across a wire. Our expert and certified installers will ensure that the cables behind the scenes are installed the right way.

Case Study

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